To provide the best educational programmes and guardianship opportunities, UK2Learn partners with a number of carefully selected organisations, agencies and schools that share our passion and commitment to improving education.

We would like to offer our special welcome and thanks to:  

  • BE Education, Chris Dai
  • International Education Agency Cosmopolit, Victoria Likhanova
  • Indrizzo Inghilterra –
  • INTEGRALEDU Bucuresti, Simona Gal –
  • Sky Lines –
  • Vision UK Education Centre, Nok Peysantiwong –
  • Ten Garden, Kiki Zeng,          
  • Travel & Study Consulting, Olga Butenko –
  • Intergral, Valeria Kancheva –
  • Language Data Bank, Brunella Belluomini –
  • Schola –  Laura March 
  • Chema Pascual
  • Thought Stream Education, Termsak Jack Singsomboon
  • Agencia B.E.S.T., Alex Sims 
  • Educational World, Julia Sumatokhina –
  • Alternative Education, Sergey Trebunskikh –
  • Strong International, Ching Wang 
  • IntegralEdu 
  • Iritravel, Cristina Badircea
  • Estudio UK, Julia Weatherall –


Become an Agency Partner

We have a number of UK2Learn agency partners from different countries who place students from their home countries onto our programmes.  Our agents promote the UK2Learn programmes internationally, and help us to bring a diverse group of students together.

We are always happy to consider new applications, and should you wish to  become a UK2Learn partner agency, we would welcome your interest.

To discuss the prospect of becoming a UK2Learn partner, please contact Alex Mackie by email:

Become a Partner School

UK2Learn has partnered with some of the most prestigious independent schools in the country and has also worked with numerous state day and boarding schools.

  • Aldro
  • Ardingly
  • Ashford School
  • Bede’s Senior School
  • Bethany School
  • Bournemouth College
  • Brighton College
  • Broadwater School
  • Caterham School
  • Charterhouse School
  • City of London Freeman’s
  • d’Overbroeck’s
  • Edinburgh University
  • Ellesmere College
  • Godalming College
  • Gordon’s School
  • Haileybury
  • Kent College
  • King Edwards, Witley
  • Kings Bruton
  • Leighton Park
  • Malvern St James
  • Mayfield School
  • Millfield School
  • MPW Cambridge
  • Portsmouth Grammar School
  • Portsmouth High School
  • Portsmouth University
  • Prior’s Field
  • Queen Anne’s School
  • Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate
  • Royal Alexandra & Albert School
  • Shaftesbury School, Dorset
  • Sherborne International College
  • St Catherine’s School
  • St Clare’s, Oxford
  • St John’s College
  • St Swithun’s School
  • Summer Field’s School
  • University of West England
  • Winchester College
  • Worth School
  • Wychwood School
  • Harrow School

If you would like to talk to us about becoming a partner school, please contact Fiona Sutherland by email: